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is there a way to increase the distance at which, atmosphere blue lines, are rendered, during approach?

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asked Nov 16, 2018 by Vurrath (120 points)
edited Nov 16, 2018 by Vurrath
when approaching a planet w an atmosphere, by default, a blue line is drawn to represent the edge of every atmosphere...

it doesn't render it, early enough.  so i imagine, some kind of xlm line, like "atmosphere approach render ... 25Ls" ... or something...

just that.  want to find WHEREver that is... there must be something... and make it like 10 times longer!!

i am a Vanilla player, yes i know, i could be getting this & that,..
please do NOT detail what i should / could be using...

just outright, straightforward, Vanilla player situation...

an xml?
somewhere else?  a single number somewhere, in the main exe?
might require an improper exe edit?


anything.  just sick to death of someone else's skill in planet approach / gravity breaking, determining whether or not i crash, when i approach a planet.

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