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Status on website?

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asked Nov 10, 2019 by Dave247 (250 points)
I notice that in the last few years there hasn't been much activity and development on the website. I assume that's simply because of limited time, and other ED projects being more popular requiring more attention?

It's the only site and hub that exists for gathering all of the different third-party tools together, so I hope it hasn't been forgotten about.

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answered Nov 12, 2019 by biobob (5,540 points)
selected Nov 12, 2019 by Dave247
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I've been busy IRL for a while, so yes it's been a long time since the last update.
As the website working well and there is not new requests from users, actually it's not my priority (the only incomming feature is add https to the website).
By cons I still maintain the site and I'm not far away if there is requests.
commented Nov 12, 2019 by Dave247 (250 points)
Yeah that's fair enough and more or less what I figured. There isn't really much to even add without going and doing a major rework/restructure of the whole site I suppose.

Maybe hide the Last News tab on the right of the home page, and/or potentially replace it with a excerpt of the latest updated tools instead? Looking at that and seeing nothing new being posted for a few years does not exactly give the best of impressions, and what led me to ask this question in the first place.
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