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How many days is the "New icon " for new entries shown?

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asked Aug 11, 2015 in FAQ by wolverine2710 (480 points)
retagged Aug 11, 2015 by wolverine2710
After creating a new a entry (Tool,Thread,Community, Video) the new entry is prefixed with a "New" icon" when show in the overview lists. How long does the icon get shown?

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answered Aug 11, 2015 by wolverine2710 (480 points)
edited Aug 11, 2015 by wolverine2710
Best answer

The "new" tag is shown during the first 7 days (relative to date-time submission) <=> the first 168 hrs.

Comment by biobob made in github issue #14

Time is relative so I made some design choices to have something suitable for common users, here an extract of a mail send last month:

everything use UTC time,
so in admin, every datetime are UTC values
and for public side in entries list & history list in an entry detail,
I've replace visible datetime with something more suitable for everyone in the world,
before we got for an entry updated in the last 24 hours :
Updated "Today at 08:30"
now we have :
Updated "6 hours ago"
(After 48 show a date without time)
With this kind of datetime format no need to take care on user localization.


An evolve for registered user could be to let us choosing their timezone to show them a full date time depending on their localization.

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