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How to report outdated / dead projects

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asked Jan 23, 2021 in FAQ by SenseiSub (130 points)
How to report outdated / dead projects eg.

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answered Jun 30, 2022 by Dave247 (250 points)
The problem is that the site has long lacked the manpower to have someone go through and update all of the ancient entries. While I offered to assist back in 2019, unfortunately I lost interest in the game and only ever managed to get through a few entries. While I've decided to pick it up again and go through as many as I can, my intention is that moving forward I likely won't be able to stick around as I was hoping that Odyssey would get me back into playing, but instead it's pushed me away even further.

If you or anyone else seeing this would like to contribute have a look at my question where you can send an email to the site owners offering to join as a moderator of the site.
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