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Category Request

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asked Aug 19, 2015 by Loriath (170 points)
I think besides a specific video category, a category for active Elite Dangerous streamers should be added. We can provide a link to the streamers channel on Twitch or Youtube.

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answered Aug 19, 2015 by biobob (5,540 points)
The video section is about Video, Playlist, Live channel
 so stream channel could be in:
I already grab the twitch thumbnail when a link to a channel is submitted as a video
but yes have we have to add a subcategory for streamers OR maybe live channels should have theirs own dedicated section.

Not sure now of what we will do: just a sub category of videos OR a dedicated menu for Live, have to think about that.
commented Aug 19, 2015 by Loriath (170 points)
My suggestion would be to Rename the section from VIDEOS to just VIDEO. Videos to me, means here are some videos, where Video means here are ALL the Video links.

Might be semantics, but just a thought.
commented Aug 20, 2015 by biobob (5,540 points)
Thanks for the suggestion,
Wolverine & myself are not English native speakers so maybe we have made some meaning mistakes (plural or not can change everything :)),
As you suggested, I've renamed VIDEOS to VIDEO
and on the Video page list I've add a more explicit title to explain the purpose of the Video section.
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answered Aug 21, 2015 by wolverine2710 (480 points)

For starters, thanks for the suggestion AND using the Q&A tool for it :-) Its always a balancing act, to little or to much sections and categories. I like your suggestion (and agree with it) for Video instead of Videos and biobob already has made the change - field short name. Also changed the long name for it: Videos, playlists & live channels.

I personally think its better NOT to add live channels as a dedicate section. I think it fits well in the Video section. The beauty of the implementation of categories is that it only shows up in the drop down menu for categories when there is at least one entry using it. Hence when adding a category specially created for video it won't show up in the other sections.

Like I said its a balancing act. Perhaps we can could introduce the following category:Live streams (or a better word). This would refer to live streams, which can be on twitch but also on you tube. The now seems to use misc for that.

Perhaps better to discuss in a separate thread but going to mention it anyway. I think its good to have "Frontier Development" category. FD has made quite a few official videos and even some threads are in EDC which are from FD. I can imagine commanders wanting to search for FD stuff.

Struggling with the following. You tube is huge and contains lots of videos. It could deserve its own category. What do you all think about that? Would it make things clearer or clutter the categories list?







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