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Quazil's Astro Analytics (new trading/commodity locating program)


  • Über fast searches - scan all known trades in all known systems in less than 30 seconds takes about a minute now with >9,000 stations.
  • Calculate route best for you; limit tonnage, credit available, travel range, large-landing-pad
  • Connected to EDDN, automatically receiving data from EliteOCR (click the Export to EDDN button)
  • Lots of trade searching and filtering options to filter out trades you're not interested in
  • Commodity Locator, include search for rares
  • Browse station commodity data
  • Navigate between distance systems (needs work to optimize but will find routes if one exist)

Coming Later

  • Ability to edit stored station and commodity data
  • Commodity data (.json) synchronization (crowd-sourced data-healing)
  • French and German commodity localization (the game also supports Russian though I haven't seen any Russian data)

The existing trading programs inspired me to write my own in C# with "NoSQL".
It ties into the EDDN network so if you use EliteOCR and the 'Export to EDDN' button the data will automatically be pushed into the tool and available for searches.
I cache the EDDN relays so it will remember the latest and load it on restart.

I've made a BitBucket account and setup a workspace there.
The code is available for any interested and there's a screenshot and download for the tool.



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