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Elite:Dangerous Application


A complete redesign of the original Elite Dangerous ship outfitting tool formerly known as E:D Shipyard.

The complete set of changes and updates from the orignal are too long to list, but here are some highlights:


  • Complete visual redesign featuring a more modern look, more in the style of the game's own UI
  • Integrated Frontier API support to import your recently used ships directly into EDSY
  • Expanded loadout import support to more easily import many ships at once (i.e. your entire fleet)
  • Integrated shortlink support to generate an is.gd link for the current loadout
  • Bulk export of stored builds, modules and settings to more easily migrate and sync them between browsers or devices
  • Better usability on small screens and mobile devices
  • Full power distributor and multi-crew pip modeling
  • Thermal load and heat dissipation modeling
  • "Experimental Mode" to try out fantasy builds with oversized modules, etc
  • All the latest ship, module and blueprint attribute data updates, natch



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  • Dec 8, 2019 (Dave247) Fixed title name
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