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Elite: Dangerous. How to

A set of videos describing different game mechanics.

Kornelius Briedis
Updated : Aug 1, 2015 3

Elite: Dangerous - How to get the Best Graphics with Mods and Tweaks

Elite: Dangerous - How to get the Best Graphics with Mods and Tweaks. I explain how I get Elite to look the way it does in my videos, through a number of graphical enhancements.

Updated : Aug 1, 2015 1

Elite: Dangerous - Stellar Remants. Mini series

Stellar Remnants is an original story based in the Elite Dangerous universe. It's a closed 10 episode story that is structured into a 5 Act format (2 episodes per Act). Plot: The Commander attempts to investigate who...

Updated : Sep 9, 2015 1

Elite: Dangerous Horizons - Sneak Peek videos from David Braben

List of preview on "Elite: Dangerous Horizon" from David Braben youtube channel.

David Braben
Updated : Nov 19, 2015 1

Elite Dangerous Ship Commercials

Discover E:D Ships in this set of commercial videos.

Rendo Pauwels
Updated : Dec 3, 2015 1

Exploration Heatmap timelapse

An Elite: Dangerous Heatmap timelapse generated from the database (systems data submitted by E:D players) to show progress of the Milky Way exploration.

Updated : Oct 9, 2016 1 Ierapolis Exploration Week

I am about to explore for a week and return the data

Updated : Feb 6, 2023 1

Elite: Dangerous Pilot Training Tutorials

Official tutorials by Frontier

Frontier Developments
Updated : Aug 18, 2015

Elite Dangerous - Getting Started Step-by-Step

A complete guide for beginners

Updated : Aug 11, 2015

Elite: Dangerous Early Development Videos

Frontier's plans for Elite: Dangerous

Frontier Developments
Updated : Aug 18, 2015

Starting of elite dangerous (FRENCH)

My YouTube channel has over 70 videos for beginners. Join 4000 members. Step by step to understand Elite, very simply. Attention videos in French.

Updated : Aug 19, 2015

5 minutes to understand (FRENCH)

Very short videos to understand Elite. 1 question = 1 video, 5 minutes maximum My YouTube channel has over 70 videos for beginners. Join 4000 members. Step by step to understand Elite, very simply. Attention videos in...

Updated : Aug 30, 2015

Exploration in vidéo

Check out my logbook exploration in Elite. Elite dangerous POI in French.

Updated : Aug 19, 2015

Live Channel CMDR Aymerix (French)

My Live Twitch channel.

Updated : Aug 19, 2015

The Making of Elite - TV documentary featuring David Braben and Ian Bell

A documentary about the making of the original Elite and the effects of it for the gaming market. Its not that technical but provides a niece overview of how David Braben and Ian Bell started with making Elite - for the...


Updated : Aug 26, 2015

Postmortem of the original Elite by David Braben

A so called "postmortem" of Elite by David Braben from 2011. Length: about an hour. Its a technical and in depth analysis of how David Braben and Ian Bell created Elite, the technical challenges - mainly memory, other...


Updated : Aug 26, 2015

Micro Men - the rivalry between Clive Sinclair (ZX Spectrum) and Chris Curry of Acorn Computers, (BBC Micro)

Not directly linked to Elite: Dangerous. Elite was first created for the BBC Micro by Acorn Computers. From the BBC Four page: Affectionately comic drama about the British home computer boom of the early 1980s. ...


Updated : Aug 30, 2015

David Braben and the Raspberry Pi

David Braben was involved in the development of the Raspberry Pi. On the Raspberry pi website he's mentioned as: David Braben, Founding Trustee, Raspberry Pi Foundation. In videos he is often referred to as the...


Updated : Aug 28, 2015

Vindicator Jones Combat 101 Series

Hi, Vindicator Jones here. I have just started a video series about Elite Dangerous combat. I will be expanding the series over the next few months.

Vindicator Jones
Updated : Oct 12, 2015

Fer De Lance Series Episode 1 Setup

G'day guys, welcome to my first video in the FerDeLance series. Here I basically just go over how to setup your FDL and things to keep in mind when creating a build. it gets a bit weird in the middle though.. sorry...

Vindicator Jones
Updated : Oct 21, 2015

Elite Dangerous: Official livestreams (incoming updates & Horizon content)

A collection of livestreams by Frontier Developments about - incoming updates, -"Elite Dangerous: Horizons".

Frontier Developments
Updated : Oct 23, 2015

Elite Dangerous: Horizons - CMDR Training Live

Introduction about ED: Horizon: how to land, required equipment for planetary landing, deploy your SRV & explore.

Frontier Developments
Updated : Dec 3, 2015

Ships - Comparison of maneuverability

Set of videos to compare Pitch / Yaw / Roll speed.

Updated : Dec 3, 2015

[Playlist] Guides and Intros to various Elite Tools

An expanding series of videos giving introductions and walkthroughs of the various Elite: Dangerous community third party tools.

Dr. Kaii
Updated : Jun 14, 2016

My twitch stream, here.

Hanging out, sometimes playing Elite

Updated : Nov 5, 2022