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Elite: Dangerous Horizons - Sneak Peek videos from David Braben

List of preview on "Elite: Dangerous Horizon" from David Braben youtube channel.

David Braben
Updated : Nov 19, 2015 1

Elite: Dangerous Pilot Training Tutorials

Official tutorials by Frontier

Frontier Developments
Updated : Aug 18, 2015

Elite Dangerous - Getting Started Step-by-Step

A complete guide for beginners

Updated : Aug 11, 2015

Elite: Dangerous - How to get the Best Graphics with Mods and Tweaks

Elite: Dangerous - How to get the Best Graphics with Mods and Tweaks. I explain how I get Elite to look the way it does in my videos, through a number of graphical enhancements.

Updated : Aug 1, 2015 1

Elite: Dangerous Early Development Videos

Frontier's plans for Elite: Dangerous

Frontier Developments
Updated : Aug 18, 2015

5 minutes to understand (FRENCH)

Very short videos to understand Elite. 1 question = 1 video, 5 minutes maximum My YouTube channel has over 70 videos for beginners. Join 4000 members. Step by step to understand Elite, very simply. Attention videos in...

Updated : Aug 30, 2015

Micro Men - the rivalry between Clive Sinclair (ZX Spectrum) and Chris Curry of Acorn Computers, (BBC Micro)

Not directly linked to Elite: Dangerous. Elite was first created for the BBC Micro by Acorn Computers. From the BBC Four page: Affectionately comic drama about the British home computer boom of the early 1980s. ...


Updated : Aug 30, 2015

David Braben and the Raspberry Pi

David Braben was involved in the development of the Raspberry Pi. On the Raspberry pi website he's mentioned as: David Braben, Founding Trustee, Raspberry Pi Foundation. In videos he is often referred to as the...


Updated : Aug 28, 2015

Elite: Dangerous. How to

A set of videos describing different game mechanics.

Kornelius Briedis
Updated : Aug 1, 2015 3

Starting of elite dangerous (FRENCH)

My YouTube channel has over 70 videos for beginners. Join 4000 members. Step by step to understand Elite, very simply. Attention videos in French.

Updated : Aug 19, 2015

Exploration in vidéo

Check out my logbook exploration in Elite. Elite dangerous POI in French.

Updated : Aug 19, 2015

Live Channel CMDR Aymerix (French)

My Live Twitch channel.

Updated : Aug 19, 2015

The Making of Elite - TV documentary featuring David Braben and Ian Bell

A documentary about the making of the original Elite and the effects of it for the gaming market. Its not that technical but provides a niece overview of how David Braben and Ian Bell started with making Elite - for the...


Updated : Aug 26, 2015

Postmortem of the original Elite by David Braben

A so called "postmortem" of Elite by David Braben from 2011. Length: about an hour. Its a technical and in depth analysis of how David Braben and Ian Bell created Elite, the technical challenges - mainly memory, other...


Updated : Aug 26, 2015

Elite: Dangerous - Stellar Remants. Mini series

Stellar Remnants is an original story based in the Elite Dangerous universe. It's a closed 10 episode story that is structured into a 5 Act format (2 episodes per Act). Plot: The Commander attempts to investigate who...

Updated : Sep 9, 2015 1

Vindicator Jones Combat 101 Series

Hi, Vindicator Jones here. I have just started a video series about Elite Dangerous combat. I will be expanding the series over the next few months.

Vindicator Jones
Updated : Oct 12, 2015

Fer De Lance Series Episode 1 Setup

G'day guys, welcome to my first video in the FerDeLance series. Here I basically just go over how to setup your FDL and things to keep in mind when creating a build. it gets a bit weird in the middle though.. sorry...

Vindicator Jones
Updated : Oct 21, 2015

Elite Dangerous: Official livestreams (incoming updates & Horizon content)

A collection of livestreams by Frontier Developments about - incoming updates, -"Elite Dangerous: Horizons".

Frontier Developments
Updated : Oct 23, 2015

Elite Dangerous: Horizons - CMDR Training Live

Introduction about ED: Horizon: how to land, required equipment for planetary landing, deploy your SRV & explore.

Frontier Developments
Updated : Dec 3, 2015

Elite Dangerous Ship Commercials

Discover E:D Ships in this set of commercial videos.

Rendo Pauwels
Updated : Dec 3, 2015 1

Ships - Comparison of maneuverability

Set of videos to compare Pitch / Yaw / Roll speed.

Updated : Dec 3, 2015

[Playlist] Guides and Intros to various Elite Tools

An expanding series of videos giving introductions and walkthroughs of the various Elite: Dangerous community third party tools.

Dr. Kaii
Updated : Jun 14, 2016

Exploration Heatmap timelapse

An Elite: Dangerous Heatmap timelapse generated from the database (systems data submitted by E:D players) to show progress of the Milky Way exploration.

Updated : Oct 9, 2016 1

My twitch stream, here.

Hanging out, sometimes playing Elite

Updated : Nov 5, 2022 Ierapolis Exploration Week

I am about to explore for a week and return the data

Updated : Feb 6, 2023 1