Uncle Jack's Guide to Crime & Punishment


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Flow-chart explaining fines and bounties in Elite: Dangerous.

The galaxy is chock-full of different petty governments and fiefdoms just waiting to slap a fine or bounty on you, as well as greasy hunters sniffing at your vapour trail, looking to cash in on your sorry hide.  Back in the day, fuel scooping a little aggressively or making bad puns would get a price put on your head in some systems, but a couple hundred years of those rascally space lawyers twisting regional laws beyond understanding must have ticked off enough people.  Nowadays most inhabited space has adopted a pretty consistent set up.  It’s still a confusing mess of ‘goid excrement, but at least it’s predictable.  Do yourself a favor and paste this somewhere in your cockpit, and you’ll save yourself from having a bounty killer trying to lase your ass for that little docking dust-up you forgot to pay off a week and a half ago.



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