Welcome to Elite:Dangerous Codex

EDCodex is basically the on steroids website version of the third party tools thread by Wolverine2710.
Biobob kindly enough offered to create the website - which provides far more functionality.



Providing a complete overview of all available third party tools, interesting threads, community websites/wikis and videos - all four are called entries on EDCodex.  You might ask why? Due to the way the FD forum works a lot of good entries gets snowed under and the authors do NOT get the exposure they clearly deserve.  For casual forums users, getting an overview of all entries is nearly impossible. Something we think is very important, especially for those new to Elite: Dangerous.



Our vision for the EDCodex is a simple one:

  • Collecting, storing of ED related entries and sharing it with the community.
  • Any tool author, website, wiki, is encouraged to add or maintain content. An API exists and export functionality is planned.
  • The EDCodex content is and needs to be a community effort. Any registered user can add entries. Authors of an existing entry can "claim it" and edit it.


Below an excerpt of the feature set of EDCodex and additional advantages for registered users.

For more information see "About EDCodex" and for planned future functionality see "Roadmap".

Its our hope you like the EDCodex and help us to make our vision of it a reality.


The public database

Search content for E:D in users submissions : full set of tools, threads, videos, community websites & wikis

Follow new content / updates with one of the multiple RSS Feeds

Features for registered users

Share your project with the Elite:Dangerous community

Alert everyone about interesting wiki(s) / thread(s) about E:D

Save your favorite tools in your personal list

Get your personalized RSS feed for only the content you want

Manage your personal space: all your submissions and favorites

You have developed an app and want to inform the community or simply share something you find useful (a thread, a video, ...)