AI Integration: Ship Computer


Required software
Python 3.7 - 3.11
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GameApplication Linux GameApplication Windows
Elite:Dangerous Application


Language-based interface for real-time game updates and starship controls - local and OpenAI STT, TTS, LLMs, all EDJournal events, vision capabilities, function calling, EDSM info (star, station and faction).

Experience a revolutionary leap in hands-free gameplay with our AI integration for commanders. This cutting-edge technology enhances your control and immersion like never before.

No matter if you want to roleplay or play seriously, this AI integration enhances your experience. Imagine commanding your ship like a true space captain, with the AI acting as your loyal co-pilot, responding to your every word. Its real-time updates and intelligent responses make your interactions feel more immersive and authentic, adding a cool factor to your gameplay. Plus, you can freely change the characteristics and personality of the AI by adjusting the initial prompt, tailoring it to suit your style and preferences. Enjoy a safer, more engaging journey through the stars with technology that brings your space adventures to life.

Imagine speaking your commands and having your autopilot respond instantly. With Whisper Speech-to-Text (STT), your voice is transformed into precise actions. No need to type or click—just say the word, and your ship follows your lead.

Harness the power of OpenAI/OpenRouter Language Models (LLMs) to understand and execute your complex instructions. Whether you’re navigating through dense asteroid fields or engaging in intense dogfights, the AI comprehends your commands and acts with intelligent precision, making your gameplay smoother and more intuitive.

Stay informed and in control with our Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature. The AI talks back to you, delivering real-time updates and feedback. Hear critical information about your ship’s status, mission updates, and more, without ever taking your eyes off the action.

Explore the galaxy with confidence using Web Lookups via EDSM (Elite Dangerous Star Map). Get detailed info about your current location and next jump destination at your command. No more guessing—just clear, concise information to guide your journey.

React to game events in real-time with Event-Driven Interaction. From changing ship types to new jump destinations, shield status alerts to fuel warnings, the AI keeps you updated on all vital events, ensuring you’re always ahead of the game.

Take direct control with Function Calling. Command your ship to fire weapons, adjust speed, deploy heat sinks, and more—all through the AI. Execute complex maneuvers effortlessly and dominate every encounter.

See the game through new eyes with Vision Capabilities. The AI can capture and analyze screenshots, providing visual confirmation on anything you need. Identify targets, check statuses, and verify actions with ease.

Elevate your gameplay to new heights with our advanced AI integration. It's like having a co-pilot that’s always ready, always reliable, and always at your command. Dive into the future of gaming with technology that understands you, responds to you, and keeps you in control like never before.

Requires OpenAI or Openrouter account, API usage costs money. (Unless you pick one of the free models from Openrouter) This integration could be connected to local LLMs aswell, but realistically nobody has the hardware to run local LLMs efficiently and have it produce high-quality content unless you build a second PC for it.


  • AI Integration starting up, Showcase Function Calling AI Integration starting up, Showcase Function Calling
  • Showcase Event-Driven Showcase Event-Driven
  • Showcase Vision Capabilities Showcase Vision Capabilities
  • GUI: Settings GUI: Settings
  • GUI: Settings AI Geek GUI: Settings AI Geek
  • GUI: AI started GUI: AI started


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  • Jun 8, 2024 (Rude) Added more GUI Screenshots
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  • Jun 8, 2024 (Rude) Added GUI Screenshots
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  • Jun 8, 2024 (Rude) Implemented EVERY game event available in EDJournal
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