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Discover all aspects of the sometimes complex and engaging Elite: Dangerous gameplay.

AI Integration: Ship Computer

Talk to Your Ship Computer in Real-Time - No Installation - Reacts to Game Events - EDSM & Galnet API Access - Vision Capabilities - Local and OpenAI-compatible STT, TTS, Text, and Vision LLMs - Function Calling

Updated : Jul 2, 2024 1

√Člite Dangereuse

A unique website that offers you the opportunity to dive headfirst into captivating fan-made adventures set in the Elite Dangerous universe. These adventures are not just your typical storylines; they're interactive...

Updated : May 8, 2024 3

Elite Dangerous TradePad Pro

ED TradePad Pro is a comprehensive trading notepad on Android for the game Elite Dangerous. This is the paid ad-free version of ED TradePad

Steve Marcus
Updated : Jun 30, 2022

Elite Dangerous TradePad

ED TradePad is a comprehensive trading notepad on Android for the game Elite Dangerous. This is the free ad-supported version.

Steve Marcus
Updated : Jun 30, 2022 1


edbearing is a planetary navigation tool for Elite: Dangerous.

CMDR Drygin
Updated : Jan 20, 2022 10

Updated Guardian Ruins run for beginners.

I suggest doing the Guardian Ruins in Horizons. I did complete it in Odyssey however, I was not granted the completed mission. I switched to Horizons and the mission completed successfully.

CMDR RareGenus
Updated : Jan 1, 2022 2

Elite: Dangerous Index

A new-user oriented short-hand index of version-relevant high-quality tutorials and video embeds.

Updated : Apr 4, 2019 1

Uncle Jack Shaftoe's Guide to Crime & Punishment (updated to 3.1)

Infographic flow-chart explaining fines and bounties in Elite: Dangerous.

Jack Shaftoe
Updated : Aug 9, 2018 7

The Elite: Dangerous Background Simulation, Factions, and Powers Guide

Elite: Dangerous is a vast and complex universe. There are over 400 billion star systems and thousands of factions. This guide will walk you through Super Powers, Power Play, Factions and more!

Nova Force
Updated : Mar 16, 2018 4

Road to riches pathfinder

Track your way and earn millions through an extremely profitable exploration route located just outside the bubble!

Updated : Jun 14, 2017 11

Keep track of the Frontier Devs on the Forums and on Reddit - RSS

Keep track of what the Frontier devs are posting on the official forums and on reddit.

Updated : Jul 3, 2016 3


EDCodex is a website with a database of currently approx 210 tools,threads,websites andvideos for Elite: Dangerous. Any one can and is encouraged to add entries there. Its equally suited for PC's, tablets and...

Updated : Sep 20, 2015 12

Elite Dangerous Utilities

A tool to help find places interest in and around the populated area of Elite Dangerous.

Capitan Ace Rimmer
Updated : Jul 1, 2022 15

Engineers: "Engineering Database And Calculator"

Spreadsheet gathering personal and technical data for each Engineer

Qohen Leth,EfilOne
Updated : Jun 30, 2022 2

A companion website for the Universal Cartographics Galactic Record Breakers thread and the Universal Cartographics The Galatic Record Book. See link section for the urls.

Updated : Jun 30, 2022 1