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A new-user oriented short-hand index of version-relevant high-quality tutorials and video embeds.

EDI is just meant to be a quick and easy index/table of contents that focuses on new players. Having examined the number of players on consoles who have completed basic tasks an abismal trend was noticed. The retention of console players is abismal if the trophies and achievements are to be believed. If the learning curve is the problem, then encouraging new console players to google is not the kindest approach, nor the most equitable for the game. With this in mind, EDI serves to be a moderated front-line reference site with the following characteristics:

  • mobile friendly - full automatic resizing including rotation
  • no account required - *unreleased* Google account syndication - if a need ever arises
  • no advertising - but I will take donations if anyone wants to put money towards the site's yearly fee for the domain
  • compliant with EU law - all applicable notices and other legal requirements
  • dark - so as not to scorch the retinas of night-time players on their phones
  • predictable - something everyone has seen before - Wordpress in it's prime of "minimalism"
  • encrypted - ECDSA Signature with SHA-256
  • user driven - anyone can submit a video/link/article/whatever - built-in site functionality
  • moderated - no stale data, no broken links, duplicate&attribute when necessary embed if not



  • Apr 4, 2019 (Duvrazh) Adding to mobiles - bookmarking site to homepage essentially makes it act like a mobile app on most devices that include this functionality and have active internet access
  • Apr 4, 2019 (Duvrazh) Added a couple more bullet points I thought of as soon as I hit save
  • Apr 4, 2019 (Duvrazh) First revision


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