Who we are

A short introduction of the two commanders who created EDTL and are responsible for it.



Cmdr name & forum name: Biobob


Fan of web delopement and games, I've start coding in Basic in the 80's on Amstrad CPC (model with audio casette: 20-30 minutes to load a game).A few years after, in the 90's, with the rise of Internet I've discover a passion to web developement and now I continue to work in this domain as project manager & developer.


I like different kind of games but space simulation / science fiction games are one of my favorite game type (FPS is the other: wait for that in E:D :))

Unfortunatly I've discover Elite with Elite: Dangerous maybe I was too young when the first Elite was released (was 2 years old) but I was big fan of Wing Commander / Privater saga (sorry Frontier), Star Wars games and later Freelancer.

Now i'm totaly converted to Elite and can't wait more to discover the next! 



My commander name: Wolverine.
FD Forum name: wolverine2710


I'm making a living as a Java software engineer, do very much like Linux and I do like to play games. I've created websites in the past using Perl and Java. Since 2008 or so I've slowly moved to the backoffice, though I still occasionally create webpages. I'm just not that skilled in it anylonger ;-(

One of the first games I played on my first computer - the BBC micro B with 32 KByte of memory- was Elite. Lets just say I became addicted. Never reached the rank of Elite though. Later I bought an Archimedes computer and was desperately looking for a good Elite alternative for it, but never found one ;-(  The last ten years I played a lot of FPS games like Unreal, Quake, Battlefield etc. Two years ago I started with playing Skyrim and discovered that RPG sandbox games are actually.a lot of fun! Became addicted again. Occasionally I still play COD, Wolfenstein etc but now they feel much to linear to me. Totally missed KS for Elite. Starting with ED when Premium Beta came out.


I forgot to mention that I'm a huge fan of super heroes. My favorite one is you guessed it:  Wolverine. I like his catchphrase: "I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice." Basically all Marvel and DC-comics movies released so far I've seen. They have become much better then they were in the past ;-) The tipping point was Ironman imho. Can't wait for the Avengers "infinity war" movies in 2018 and 2019. LLAP.