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A companion website for the Universal Cartographics Galactic Record Breakers thread and the Universal Cartographics The Galatic Record Book. See link section for the urls.

Beta Version of Universalcartographics.org launches!


  • Only Stellar and Planetary records have currently been added please refer to Galatic Record Book for general records
  • Additions to records include system map pics, date submitted, finders ship type, finders ship name and the ability to added additional info and pics to each record
  • Stellar and Planetary Quick Ref Guides for easy record referencing whilst playing
  • Search by record holder function added
  • Discovery of the week
  • News Section
  • Exploration Guide


Also to celebrate the launch of Universalcartographics.org a few new categories have been added


  • Highest/lowest metal content for all planets
  • Longest/shortest orbital period for all planets
  • Added all missing distance records

The site now has over 650 record categories posted by around 100 Cmdrs, please remember that the site is under construction with many more records to come and a huge amount of editing still to do. Big thank you to all current and pervious record holders for sharing your amazing finds over the last 7 months And a special thanks to all the Universal Cartographics Galactic Record Department staff past, present and lost…


Admin note: I have also added an entry for the thread in the thread section. Entry "Universal Cartographics Galactic Record Breakers". Reason I think they deserve it AND there is a good change the website will get its own thread soon.




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