Elite Galaxy Data Analyzer


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Java 8
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GameApplication Windows
Elite:Dangerous Application


This is a stand alone tool that can be used to analyze your pilot journal files. You can search for various records, list planets and stars by type, see your current stats, and browse your log files.

This is version 1.0 of an application I designed to meet my own requirements.  I have tried to thoroughly test all the features but if you run into issues please let me know what the problem is and send me the log file located under \EliteGDA\workspace\.metadata. 


After launching the application just click on the icon, or File --> Open and then select your pilot journal file folder.  This is typically C:\Users\\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous. 


NEW FEATURE - You can now export your scan data into a .csv file.  The data is quoted with a comma delimiter.  Simply click the save (disk) icon and select the folder you want to save the file to.


On the "Search" tab you can search for various records such as terrestrial planets with the greatest mass, or icy body with the greatest orbital period.  Almost every category of record listed on EliteGalaxyOnline.com can be searched for in your own pilot journal files.


The "List" tab allows you to list all category of planet or star you have discovered including flitering by landable bodies.


The "Other" tab lets you search for a specifc body and provides tallies of planet types, star types, moon counts, ring counts, and terraformable worlds.


The "Stats" tab shows your commander name, credits, ship information, places you've visited and crimes you've committed.


The "Log Explorer" tab lets you open up each individual log file and browse it's contents.




  • Sep 8, 2017 (Shadowrunner52) Various bugs have been fixed in the export feature.
  • Sep 4, 2017 (Shadowrunner52) Added data export feature.
  • Sep 4, 2017 (Shadowrunner52) Added data export feature.
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  • Aug 22, 2017 (Shadowrunner52) Added some additional journal entry classes and fixed some bugs.
  • Aug 20, 2017 (Shadowrunner52) Minor bug fix
  • Aug 20, 2017 (Shadowrunner52) Minor bug fix.
  • Aug 15, 2017 (Shadowrunner52) First revision