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Trade Computer Extension Mk.II

Multifunctional trading and exploration tool, that integrates fully into the HUD of Elite Dangerous as an overlay. Please read the key feature list to get an overview. 20 screenshots available in the main thread. .NET VERSION

Updated : Sep 17, 2019 83


EDMC Autopath is a plugin for Elite: Dangerous market connector. Plugin provides basic GUI to plan route using neutron star plotter. If enabled by checkbox, plugin automatically update your system clipboard to next system in route.

Updated : Sep 1, 2019 2

E.D.I.S.O.N - Elite Dangerous Improved Surface and Orbital Navigator

E.D.I.S.O.N simplyfies navigation in orbital flight or while driving on the surface by calculating the course to a destination without the need to type in your current location.

Updated : Aug 16, 2019 16

Elite: Dangerous Market Connector (EDMC)

This app downloads your Cmdr's details and system, faction, scan and station data for use with all popular online and offline trading, prospecting and shopping tools. It can also send your Cmdr's details, ship details, cargo, materials and flight log to EDSM and/or Inara. The user-interface is deliberately minimal - your choice of data is automatically downloaded, transmitted and/or saved when you land at a station, jump to a system or scan a body.

Otis B.
Updated : Jun 19, 2019 120

Trade Dangerous

TradeDangerous is set of powerful trading tools for Elite Dangerous, organized around one of the most powerful trade run optimizers available. TD is a heavy hitter that can calculate complex routes with multiple stops while taking into account the profits you make along the route. The price data in TradeDangerous is either manually entered (by you) or crowd sourced. (e.g. using the included eddblink plugin to access EDDN data.)

Updated : Aug 4, 2018 11

ED Scenic Route Finder

When exploring outside the bubble, enter two systems, and receive a list of points of interest between them. Why visit just one place, when you could take the scenic route?

Updated : Jul 18, 2018 2


ed/bearing is a planetary navigation tool for Elite: Dangerous.

CMDR Drygin
Updated : Jul 14, 2018 9

Elite G19s Companion App

Companion app to show in-game status and market info, an orrery view, a news ticker, or listen to online radio stations or play your favorite space playlists through Spotify. Now also includes an orrery view and a Space Traffic Control simulator, that simulates local system's space traffic control, just for some ambience. If you have a Logitech keyboard with LCD screen, such as the G19s, it also uses that. You can also use the Logitech Arx app on your mobile as a second screen.

Updated : Jun 29, 2018 33

Elite Galaxy Data Analyzer

This is a stand alone tool that can be used to analyze your pilot journal files. You can search for various records, list planets and stars by type, see your current stats, and browse your log files.

Updated : Apr 21, 2018 5


Elite Heading Information system is an EDMC plugin that lets you set target coordinates and will show you the heading you need to fly to reach your target.

Finn Vos
Updated : Mar 18, 2018 1


EDDiscovery is is a tool that can track your Elite Dangerous travels, combat, trading, rank etc. It has both voice output - to provide you with more information vocally, and voice recognition. It has over 28 panels of information on combat, trading, ship information, scan information (visually and textually). It has 3D and 2D maps of the galaxy.

EDD Team
Updated : Mar 1, 2018 54

Moonlight logger

Moonlight keeps track of your travels through the E:D galaxy, showing the system details with data fetched from EDSM.net. It also updates your EDSM.net profile automatically when running.

Updated : Feb 27, 2018 2

The EDDN Explorer Aggregation Service

A Web Application for visualizing galactic averages and trends with the explorer in mind.

Updated : Dec 23, 2017

Elite Dangerous Certificate Centre

On this website there are listings of stations with specific certificates. It basically helps commanders to find stations that fit their type of roleplay.

Updated : Nov 26, 2017 1

ED-Intelligent Boardcomputer Extension

Boardcomputer-Extension for ED Boardcomputer-Extension for ED (Trading-Calculation, Travel- and Action-Log), local database with connections to EDDB / EDDN / Companion-IO / EDSM.

Duke Jones
Updated : Oct 12, 2017 15

Neutron Highway and Road 2 Riches route planner

Long range route planner for exploration, passenger missions. Prioritises reducing number of jumps and number of trips to the galaxy map

Updated : Aug 19, 2017 7

HabZone - Habitable Zone plugin for EDMC

EDMC plugin to help explorers find high-value planets

Otis B.
Updated : Aug 8, 2017 5

MyCMDR - Companion Application

MyCMDR is a simple application created on the Node.js framework, using Express to create the frontend via HTML and Javascript and Socket.io to pass data back and forth between Server and Clients. It reads your Journal Logs and creates a CMDR class that stores all of your information and updates it realtime, which is then updated on the client also. This provides a clean way of exporting to any device and all of the work is done by your PC. You can access the client by connecting to the IP:PORT of the host machine (Typically the PC you're playing Elite on)

Updated : Aug 2, 2017 1

Elite Dangerous Utilities

A tool to help find places interest in and around the populated area of Elite Dangerous.

Capitan Ace Rimmer
Updated : Jul 15, 2017 14

Road to riches pathfinder

Track your way and earn millions through an extremely profitable exploration route located just outside the bubble!

Updated : Jun 14, 2017 9

Elite Galaxy Online

Elite Galaxy Online: a website for all explorers in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy.

Commander Wolzan
Updated : May 12, 2017 11

Cmdr's Log Continued (CLC)

The (unofficial) sequel to Cmdr's Log, an offline trade route planner by ArchV1.

Updated : Mar 20, 2017 1

ED ToolBox

ED ToolBox is a companion app that provides the user with real-time location based data. It also maps the user's travels trough the galaxy, and allows the user to make logs, create galleries from their screenshots and much more.

Walter Harriman
Updated : Feb 24, 2017 28

EDEA - Elite Dangerous Exploration Assistant

Desktop application, that parses Scan events from journal log files, build tree-view of scanned stellar bodies and presents parsed information about them in readable and convenient form.

Updated : Feb 12, 2017 7

Screen Shot Changer

Re-format screen shots and videos them with current in game system to help explorers keep track of their great finds. Renaming uses regex type expressions for flexibility.

de Carabas,Voz
Updated : Jan 28, 2017 9

Pythéas - Interface de cartographie

Pythéas is a french app for explorers: "Pythéas is a webapp that allows you to enter your information systems visited: Etoile, type, class, ... to do some research to see 3D on a map so your additions ... And so keep archives of your explorations. " "Pythéas est une webapp qui vous permettra de rentrer les informations de vos systèmes visités : Etoile, type, class, ... de faire des recherches, de voir sur une carte 3D vos ajouts... etc. Et ainsi garder des archives de vos explorations."

Heath Huston
Updated : Nov 28, 2016 2

EDSC - Elite Dangerous Stellar Cartographer

Navigate the galaxy on your iOS device! This companion app is designed to help you find trade routes, bookmark favourite locations and discover new points of interest all entirely within your device - no internet connection, complicated setup or account information is required. You view commodity information, find valuable trade routes, nearby commodities and bookmark your favourite star locations giving you more time to plan your trade routes and missions both in flight and whilst docked at star port.

Alex Parker
Updated : Nov 13, 2016 3

EDSM - Elite Dangerous Star Map

EDSM aims to collect distances and calculate systems coordinates inside the ED galaxy.

Updated : Sep 21, 2016 41

Planetary object scanner

Use the sounds of planetary bodies to figure out what kind it is. This way you can get more information about it before you haul yourself those 250K Ls to figure out if it was an Earth Like or a regular Water World.

Updated : Jun 29, 2016 11


Tools for commanders, (Log book, buy progress for ships, groups to make shedules between member, some stats). Fully web application designed to work also on tablet & mobile. Ingame Overlay with Overwolf (work in progress on a standalone).

Updated : Jun 27, 2016 16

Ed-Map.eu -> Galaxy's Systems & Power Play visualizer

The map visualize Eddb json data into a 3D navigable map.

Updated : Apr 22, 2016 9

Captain's Log

Captain's Log is primarily an Elite: Dangerous Explorer's application, allowing you to keep track of all your jumps into systems, as you explore the galaxy.

Updated : Mar 4, 2016 9

ED System Map

With System Map you can essentially re-create the view of the in-game system map and see how much a system is worth in Universal Cartographics

Walter Harriman
Updated : Feb 18, 2016 3

SRV Wave Scanner Object Identifier

SRV Wave Scanner Object Identifier. The wave scanner identifies objects in two ways; radar sweeping (visual) and noise (auditory).

Updated : Jan 31, 2016 8

ED3D Galaxy Map

Open project for a 3D Galactic Map to be use on web application for Elite: Dangerous.

Updated : Jan 23, 2016 6

EDAPI: Elite Dangerous API Tool

Automates pulling your profile information from the mobile API, and populating Trade Dangerous with station, market, and shipyard data. Optionally post info to the EDDN.

Updated : Jan 23, 2016 6


NOTICE: Changes in 1.5 keep this from working properly. Fix expected January. See my recent posts on https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=175468&page=3&p=3260983#post3260983 This OCR program will read the data of an astronomical object that is presented on the left side of the system map when the object is selected. This makes all details of the object relevant to exploration accessible for further processing. Screenshots can be fed directly to the program by pressing a key combination while playing the game. Processing object data is relatively fast and effortless, so the program it will integrate well in your normal exploration / scanning activities. The application will collect all scanned data in a database and present it in a sortable and configurable grid. You can cut&paste from the grid to your favourite spreadsheet and e.g. do visualisation there. The application is in Beta, but already offers reliable functionality. Currently supports only 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 resolution, other resolutions are planned.

Updated : Dec 16, 2015 6

mEDI's Elite Tools

Multifunctional Trading/Explorer/Helper tool.

Updated : Nov 26, 2015 22


A companion website for the Universal Cartographics Galactic Record Breakers thread and the Universal Cartographics The Galatic Record Book. See link section for the urls.

Updated : Sep 29, 2015 1

EDABC - Astronomical Body Counter

EDABC is a program used to help count the different types of astronomical objects that you encounter on a long exploration mission.

Updated : Sep 20, 2015 1

AndDiscovered - Android exploration tracking tool modeled after EDDiscovery

AndDiscovered is an Elite: Dangerous exploration tracking tool modeled after Finwen's excellent EDDiscovery.

Updated : Sep 12, 2015 3


An AutoHotKey script to give Elite focus when you move your joystick

Updated : Aug 31, 2015 10

Jackie's Habitable -Zone Calculator

Program that calculates the habitable zones for stars.

Jackie Silver
Updated : Aug 4, 2015 1

Trade Computer Extension Mk.I

Multifunctional trading tool, that integrates fully into the HUD of Elite Dangerous as an overlay. Please read the key feature list to get an overview. 12 screenshots available in the main thread. Requires Microsoft Excel 2007+, for the.NET version check out the Trade Computer Extension Mk.II here on EDCodex.

Updated : Jul 28, 2019 18


BC+ evaluates the player's journal and serves web pages with useful informaton. I.e. one can easily access BC+ from any computer, tablet or smart phone without ATL-TAB'ing away from E:D.


Updated : Jul 20, 2019 1


A web application for logging planetary materials developed by the Rock Rats

Marlon Blake
Updated : Jan 9, 2018 2

ED Numbers

What is ED Numbers ? ED Numbers parses the logs of Elite Dangerous (Commander's log since 2.2), analyses all possible data and tracks your achievements of everything you have done. To be honest ED Numbers has no real purpose unless you like numbers and statistics In our group we use it to track our kills and deaths.

Updated : Apr 7, 2017 1