ED Numbers


Required software
.Net Framework, Windows system
Compatible with release
Supported languages
English en
GameApplication Windows
Elite:Dangerous Application


What is ED Numbers ? ED Numbers parses the logs of Elite Dangerous (Commander's log since 2.2), analyses all possible data and tracks your achievements of everything you have done. To be honest ED Numbers has no real purpose unless you like numbers and statistics In our group we use it to track our kills and deaths.



Please upload you logfiles (see links) that contain "Power Play" and "Enginners" data. I didn't feel like playing Power Play yet but I want to add analyzation of this feature as soon as possible.



- Track your combat, engineer, exploration, market, missions, modules, station and travel statistics.
- Built-in "timeline" to track your progress throughout the game.
- Advanced Search function. Search your exploration data for every possible combination of values.
- All columns are sortable
- Copy and paste data to your own spreadsheets
- Log events are seperated into different categories (JSON-format cleansed for easier reading).
- Fast algorithms for even large amounts of data


- On first start select your log folder. The folder will be saved.
- 'Show Events' ist deactivated by default. Please note that activating this option slows down the loading process of ED Numbers considerably.
- Activate 'Table Selection' to select the content of tables. Common keys and shortcuts work (Ctrl: Several selections, Ctrl+a: Select all)
- ED Numbers currently does not support Real-time-analyzing. Use F5 to refresh data.

- Ctrl+F for Advanced Search
- All other options should be self-explanatory


Mircrosoft .NET Framework
(ED Numbers was only tested on Win10-systems)

To Do

- Engineers (some information is already available)
- Power Play
- Better visualization of analysed data
- Real-Time analyzing
- Improvement to combat analyzing when it becomes possible (PVE kills, damage of weapons, seperated damage to shields and hull etc.) *wink, wink*



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