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Long range route planner for exploration, passenger missions. Prioritises reducing number of jumps and number of trips to the galaxy map

I have finally got my Neutron Highway oriented route planner up and running. You can find it at


  • Prioritises supercharged jumps
  • Breaks plots over 1000LY automatically
  • No maximum distance
  • No maximum jump range

The tool will minimise the number of trips you have to make to the galaxy map (whilst also reducing the number of jumps you have to make). For instance a trip from Sol to Colonia with a 40LY jump range comes up at 206 trips to the galaxy map. Going up to a 45LY range it comes down to 186 trips.

In order to use it just put in your start system and destination system and your jump range and hit submit. It will then give you a list of star systems. If there are back to back neutron stars within range it will use them. if the next neutron star (it knows about) is too far away it will plot you to the best regular system to get to it from your supercharged jump range.

Short story,

  1. Put system into the galaxy map in game (PC users can click the "Copy" button and paste it)
  2. Click plot
  3. Jump until you get to the system
  4. If the system is a neutron star, supercharge your FSD
  5. Take the next system on the list and go to 1

it does not currently take into account the requirement to stop for fuel or repairs to your FSD (This will come in time if the site is popular enough), so pay attention and make the odd detour to scoop when you're getting low on fuel or need to repair.

It can take up to a minute to calculate a long route (30,000 LY or so) so be patient. It will tell you if it has broken for any reason.



  • Nov 17, 2016 (Spansh) First revision