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Advanced voice control music system, context based music interactive with game, pair your own music or my music packs to in game events. Live remix engine lets you add/remove instruments, vocals, change percussion & more! Unique dynamic procedural music generator and own music control & management features. DarkNebula.cloud VMX system is the most advanced voice controlled audio system out there, bar none.

*5/7/2020 VMX 2.2.4 Update: OBS integration now added, outputs track information as well as context mode details for use in broadcast software such as OBS, XSplit etc. Several bugfixes and QoL improvements including updates to pack update system.


Dark Nebula is my (now 3 year old) project which consists of audio/music software called VMX for VoiceAttack and Music Packs which complement the system. VMX can run standalone and utilise your own music playlists to pair with many ingame events, ranging from combat to docking, exploration, system types/statuses etc. You can also use VMX with our own very high quality Music Packs which are exclusively composed by community composers, myself (Angel) and Miguel Johnson.

As if these capabilities weren't enough, VMX can do a LOT more! It's a very unique proposition.

You can: Assign any track or playlist to any event, combine Music Packs and your own music with ingame events, add/remove music to event pairing via voice, on the fly, whilst playing Elite. 

You can: Use Procedural Formations & Audioblocks procedural music generator to provide ever evolving music aound soundscapes based on 'moods' inferred from your ingame actions. This is a powerful procedural music system which can provide weeks, if not months of ever changing music.

Also, we provide professionally recorded and performed Voice Expansions to provide voice feedback for VMX actions, alternatively Text To Speech (TTS) can be used.

Music Packs and Voice Expansions are simply drag and drop in, they auto decompress and install for you.


You can also specify how music plays back with new cooldown mode, this allows you to specify whether music should strictly follow ingame events and change with each new event, or tracks should be allowed to complete before a new event is processed and the next track plays. There's also a powerful internet radio system, which yes, you can ever pair radio stations with ingame events!


VMX currently stands at version 2.2.4. Version 2.3 available summer 2020 will bring a new AI engine for providing context mode with additional games, beyond Elite and a new procedural music system, known as Formations.

There are many Music Packs now available and they can all be used together to provide a huge soundtrack replacement for Elite, or just 1, it's up to you.


Thanks for reading! This project has taken a huge amount of time and love, please do check it out!








  • 1 day ago (DarkNebula) Added OBS support for track info output, improvement to pack update system and various bugfixes & QoL improvements
  • May 22, 2020 (DarkNebula) New website and major software/music updates
  • Mar 19, 2018 (DarkNebula)
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  • Mar 19, 2018 (DarkNebula) First revision


Angel, Shadow DK, Miguel Johnson.