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Advanced voice control music system, dynamically change music, manipulate the key, replace instruments in the mix on the fly, context based music interactive with game. Unique dynamic procedural music generator and own music control & management features. VMX system is the most advanced voice controlled audio system out there, bar none. create 'music packs' and 'VMX' software which is very unique, advanced audio and music software. We are a small outfit very Elite focused, but the software can be used with any game/application. We compose and create VMX compatible Music Packs which essentially replace in game music soundtracks with our own context driven one. We keep the music packs updated and release new ones every few months to keep the music fresh.

As with all of our music packs, the user can ask VMX to play a track with/without percussion, play with key up, remove vocals or even replace other instruments in the mix. All this happens on the fly (very quickly!)with live remix mode.

VMX with game music packs also feature a unique system called Hybrid Audio Blocks which creates music dynamically on the fly and is different every time you fire it up.

We also have Voice Expansions available which provide a range of different voices for VMX music system feedback, ranging from celebrity voices to comedy voices to well known Elite personalities such as Obsidian Ant.


You can of course control your own music with drag and drop playlists, assigning playlists to in game event, combine your own playlists with our music pack tracks, access internet radio, spotify, tools for game streamers and much much more.


VMX is a really exciting, evolving platform and we really love to innovate and push the limits with our crazy design ideas :)

We work incredibly hard virtually 7 days a week on the project, it's a labour of love, but we think the community deserves no less.


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Angel, Shadow DK, Miguel Johnson.