Application Program Interface (API) (4)

Set of tools to helpĀ developersĀ to build their own app or submit data to a global database. Currently covered: Market data, 3D coordinates for systems and stations, outposts and Ship yard info. EDDN will soon distribute Ship outfitting info as well.

System Mapper

System Layout Editor

Updated : Oct 11, 2015 2

[PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] External API Requirements Thread

Thread to discuss the requirements needed by third party authors for the official ED API.

Michael Brookes
Updated : Apr 24, 2015 1

Powerplay cycle data

Weekly data for Powerplay:

Zac Antonaci
Updated : Jan 23, 2016 1

Commanders log manual and data sample

Official JSON dump from Frontier for commanders log 3rd party app

Updated : Jul 27, 2016