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The Elite Dangerous subreddit is a forum-type based on up- and downvotes. It is populated by around 50,000 people and gets a lot entries daily.

The subreddit is the most popular community site outside of the official forums. Here be dragons, Frontier employees (the devs lurk) and commanders wanting quick-info or general help as pretty much every submission is commented on.


It is a very helpful site for anyone wanting to ask a small question or see the latest Elite Dangerous news.


Authors listed are the current moderators for the site, previous moderators are not listed.



  • Jul 22, 2016 (SpyTec) From Elite: Dangerous to Elite Dangerous. Refreshed the moderators
  • Aug 17, 2015 (wolverine2710) Changed category section. Added the new forum category. Removed the misc category
  • Aug 9, 2015 (SpyTec) First revision