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Mercenaries of Mikunn - the internal forum. Guests welcome for hanging out and winging up!

Looking for wingmen? One of the earliest groups, "Mercs of Mikunn" are recruiting!

Flying with others really enhances this game. We are casual player friendly and have about 180 players.

  • 180 players strong
  • Already expanded into 7 systems and working on a seventh (I am unaware of anyone who has caused more expansions for a single faction.)
  • We are well known and are well on our way to become the first player power
  • We are the only player faction to have built our own station, "Mercenary's Respite"
  • We are the only player faction to have colonized a new system "Sefrys"
  • There are no play requirements except that you keep the environment within our group a positive one.
  • Teamspeak is
  • Neither Empire or Fed - we are independent
  • We live on the edge of colonized space. We are the frontiersmen, pioneers, and grizzled mercenary's of Elite:Dangerous


You can register on to follow our story. You don't have to be a member to register, and can play with us without becoming a member. Our primary goal is to promote a friendly and comforatble environment for players, and if that means not becoming a member you are free to do that as well.


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  • Rise with us! Rise with us!


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