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The most popular Elite Dangerous wiki.

The Elite Dangerous Wiki is filled with information about ships, systems, player roles, player groups, lore and more. It is a community effort that anyone can edit and is encouraged to do so.


The wiki itself is almost as popular as the Elite Dangerous subreddit in terms of how many are viewing it at any given moment, which means a lot of Elite Dangerous players want information as fast as possible.


If something is outdated, needs more information or is false, be bold and make the edits. Good faith is always assumed and if there is anything wrong it'll be corrected in due time. Questions on how the wiki works can be directed at any of the admins on the wiki.


Keep in mind that the English and Russian sites are independent of one another, admins on the English and Russian sites are not collaborating mostly due to linguistic constraints.



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  • Jun 13, 2015 (wolverine2710) Added category wolverine for testing dynamic behavior of sitemap and categories dropdown
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