The first release of EDCodex has quite a lot of functionality but we plan to add new features after the official release.

EDCodex will be rolled out in phases. An overview of what is currently planned.


Upcoming features:


  1. Screenshots. An entry can have screenshots attached to it. Either uploaded by the author or commanders.
  2. Ratings sytem. An entry can be rated by commanders. Possibility to sort on rating.
  3. User reviews. Commanders can give their opinion about an entry.
  4. Extended API. Use case: authors of websites, wiki's who like to use our content.
  5. Extended search. Atm its possible to search on the title and authorname.
  6. Personal space settings. Extra user settings, features for commanders with an account.



  • Sceenshots are partially implemented. An author can add screenshots which are hosted on an external host by using the url of a screenshot.
  • Personal space settings are partially implemented.