Epic Rare trade route - for the brave or insane


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Epic Rare trade route - for the brave or insane

UPDATE: See post #50 for some software to try calculate your own routes.

I wanted to play with some methods for solving the travelling salesman problem and I figured rare trade routes was the perfect set of data to try it on.

you'll find attached a trade route that visits 105 different systems, travelling a total of 5957.48 light years, buying something in every system and selling when a commodity has travelled more than 160ly.

I've also added an image below of the 3d graph - without the ability to move it around it just looks like a mess though

I've not flown the route myself - it does include all those awkward stations that are a loooong way from the primary star. I also can't promise that it's the most efficient route - it's just the best my method could find.

let me know if you're brave enough to try it
if there's enough interest I might be able to tidy up my code a bit and put something out there that will allow people to generate their own routes with whatever subset they want from all the ports.



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