Patriarch's Guide to Piracy


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Patriarch's Guide to Piracy

I have decided to create this guide to hopefully assist anyone looking to get into the fulfilling and profitable career of being a pirate in Elite Dangerous as well as giving seasoned pirates a place to give out their own tips and tricks. As information on this career is sparse, misunderstood, and all round not really well defined, I hope that I can also bring some light to peoples questions and concerns. This guide also may contain views and opinions that are not necessary the views and opinions of my readers, and that is fine. Feel free to discuss any of you own opinions below.

Take note that this guide is intended for PVE piracy and not necessarily for PVP. While much of the information here could certainly be used for PVP it is certainly not its main focus. Also I will be covering the pure basics as well as advanced tactics that I have learned throughout my adventures.



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