List of developer quotes about planned updates and features


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List of developer quotes about planned updates and features.

Lately I mainly try to spot the newest posts by the developers when I am browsing the forum and avoid reading all the rage etc. posts by users, since at least for me, the statements by the developers hold much more interesting information about what is planned and what is not. Bits and pieces that haven't been announced in the newsletters yet but where the devs where nice enough to give us some hints about what we may expect.

And because many questions get asked over and over again because the users don't search all the dev posts before asking something I though it might be handy to put some of those dev quotes that concern regularly requested features into one place, to get some kind of overview.

This is by no means a complete list (not even close, there is much more communication from the devs in the forum than many people claim!), but I actually don't intend it to be. Instead I put in just those quotes which seemed informative to me. It's also just a start, you could post those dev quotes that you think are important in your replies to further extend the value of this list.

It should also be noted that when some of these quotes might become obsolete once new statements have been made by the devs about some specific features. So always keep the date of the original post in mind (you can see it when you click the small red arrow next to the quote).



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