Powerplay - Player Guide


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A large and clear "powerpoint" presentation (actually google docs slide) about PowerPlay.

Greetings Commanders,

What started out as a single flow chart in an attempt to understand the Powerplay cycle (Slide/Page 7), turned into a behemoth of a project in a few days.

I was going to spend more time on this, but Frontier caught us all on the hop and released this evening. I will add more to it when I get chance and update the rather low-res photos of most of the powers as well as a whole bunch of other stuff I've thought of but not got round to. A lot of text and photos are hyper linked, so hover and click if you feel the need. Suggestions, comments etc. are welcome. If there's anything wrong, then MEH! Let me know

Moderators feel free to link elsewhere if you wish. I will update this thread when I make changes, but obviously stuff tends to sink after a while, so I'll also do 'patch notes' on the document itself.


Special thanks to:

  • Faction & Power History: Cmdr. Caylo Tavira
  • Power Grids: Cmdr. Weylon
  • Power Vector Graphics: Cmdr. SpyTec
  • ....and of course the Frontier Team.

Enjoy! Right im off to play Powerplay! (servers allowing!)



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