100 Stop Imperial Trade Circuit. Average 1164cr/ton/stop. Tour the Empire!


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Tour the core and periphery of the Empire in a series of interconnected loops. Visit 90 different stations and make an average of 1163.96 credits/ton/stop.

Tour the core and periphery of the Empire in a series of interconnected loops. Visit 90 different stations and make an average of 1163.96 credits/ton/stop. 116396 credits per ton overall. Gain Empire rep and rank easily, just do some easy missions along the way! Start at any stop you wish. Enjoy!


100 Stops
90 Unique Stations (All with large landing pads)
Jumps: Only 4 above 40ly, Average = 29.45
Supercruise: 91 below 1000LS, most well below 500LS, many below 100LS.
Average 1163.96 credits per ton per stop.
Circuit Total: (example loads with lowest shields)
44 tons = 5.12 Million 104 tons = 12.1 Million
216 tons = 25.14 Million 500 tons = 58.2 Million


* Recommended jump range is 14.5ly or better. Simply put, that's what I built it with so that's what I aimed for.

* My first priority in all cases was profit stability (along with a minimum margin). Many of the largest supplies and demands in the Empire for various top-value commodities are included in the circuit, while those deemed likely to collapse under pressure were avoided.

* That said, profits will vary. The circuit is capable of handling a large number of coincidental high-traffic trades (i.e. max-profit two-way routes) without ever dropping below 1050cr/ton, but I suppose a terrible coincidence could actually drop it that far. It will almost certainly rebound as you continue along the circuit.

* Yes, I know this isn't the single highest credits/hour pursuit in the game. It is however very high, and I consider it far richer, opening a world of minor factions, missions, bounty hunting, rep and rank gains, and player interaction.

* Before someone asks it: I only play open, and I absolutely welcome the increase in all manner of player activity on this route. Lucrative escort positions accompany even the threat of piracy, and both piracy and trade follow the money!

* I tried to avoid stopping at the same station more than once, but where a station had to be repeated I tried to import and export different commodities to keep supplies/demands from getting hit twice. In the few cases of repeated stations and commodities, the supplies/demands being traded are very large and thus stable.

* If you do happen to notice a given transaction dropping way below my listed "1st Profit" (the profit I made in testing), then drop me a line and I will assess. I have copious notes and often there were ready alternatives to the commodities I chose.

* Yes, there are some Independent stations along the way. I tried hard to avoid them but continuing the route at my minimum profit margin and stability was more important.

* If anyone wants to post their actual credits/hour/ton score, go ahead. I can't fly this route without nitpicking, which of course slows me down. Just be sure to do a large enough sample to be truly representative.

Finally, for those of you looking for something new to do: I found building a grand circuit like this both challenging and entertaining. Starting with a smaller loop and then building other loops attached to it was, in my opinion, the best way to do it. An entire branch-loop might run into a dead end, and this way you can just try another connection and move on.



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