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GlovePIE - Free voiceattack alternative for the commercial voice attack program.

Hi all,

If anyone was looking to try voice commands but doesn't want to buy voice attack (only $8, I have my reasons though) there is another option if you are a bit savvy... ... lternative

Above post details a few things on getting started with GlovePIE. You can actually use this to do some pretty slick re-mapping... like say I want to play a keyboard only game using a gamepad, or how I'm using it with voice commands.

I downloaded version 0.45

Then I copied the script from here:

I've customized it since, but it's pretty easy to get working once you understand it. I administrate linux systems all day so scripting is something I'm familiar with, keep this in mind regarding how simple I make it sound. I don't think it's that hard but just disclosing my own bias.

Once you load the script up, you give the command to start the script (default is "Jarvis start script"), then you're off.

As said, Voice attack seems more user friendly but if you don't want it because of cost, other reasons, or whatever give it a shot.



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