How many "Eighty Fours" are out there?


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Thread trying to find out how many 84-ers are out there. 84-ers are the ones who played the original Elite on the first machine it was released on, the BBC micro B. Or perhaps a bit less limited, who played the original Elite when it came out in 1984.

It occurred to me today that Elite has been around for thirty years now. I played it on a Commodore 64 with an Atari 2600 joystick, on a 13-inch BW TV to start 320x200 resolution, loading it off of a 5.25" floppy drive. Our avatars on this board have a higher pixel count. I just joined up the ED Beta and oh my how far things have come. But it made me immensely happy that one of my all-time favorite games had come back, and come back in style.

It got me wondering... Who else out there is a member of the "Eighty-Four" Club? What was your gaming rig? How many old farts are out there, jumping on the comm channels saying "When I started out, our joysticks were 8-direction digital with ONE button, and we LIKED it!!!"

tl;dr Get off my lawn.



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