How to Approach the Station Entrance Straight on from Supercruise


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Describes a method to approach the Station entrance in an efficient way.

This method will likely take you a couple times coming to the system so you can properly identify the orbit of the station along with using astronomical objects behind the planet/station to assist in verifying the proper 45 degree approach.
Also if you approach the station from the wrong 45 degree angle you will be facing exactly the side of the station. Make sure you were aware of your approach so next time you come to the station you approach from the opposite orbit side of the station.
It's a little convoluted, but when trying to describe the specific supercruise approach to allow directly facing the entrance of an orbiting object orbiting another object possibly orbiting another object... it will be convoluted.
I hope people with get this and understand my MS PAINT powers.



  • Picture visualizing the approach Picture visualizing the approach


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