Tool Combination Suggestions?

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I'm looking for, rather hoping that some more experienced players with tools and resources can help some of us newbs with figuring out which tools would work best for us and our play style and that work well together without compatibility issues.
Hello everyone, i'm new here but not to Elite Dangerous, though, I suppose compared to some people, i'm very much a newb. I was wondering though, with so many tools and so many options and combinations, can some of the more experienced players please suggest, or rather tell what their particular tool combination is (Since I doubt that all the tools would be able to work together without issues.) Perhaps several different combos, such as one for general multi use of any career path, one for miners, one for explorers, one for traders, one for traders, one for trader/miners etc. Just thought it'd be interesting and maybe some of you would have fun talking about this and putting it together. Thank you. o7


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