Voice Attack Macros - what do you use?


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Voice Attack Macros

Sparked by another thread (https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=72041), what macros have people set up in VA? For example, I use:

- "take off; launch": push power to the engines, retract the gear, ascend straight up by about 20 meters and throttle up ever so slightly to start moving forward, turns the lights off
- "prepare to dock": deploy the gear, pull power out of the engines (makes the throttle scale a little less touchy), turns the lights on (because I can). I tend to use this just as I go through the mailslot
- "go hot; you killed my father prepare to die": hardpoints out, power rebalanced slightly towards weapons
- "run away": power to engines/shields, boost, retract hardpoints, start charging the FSD (might add a chaff drop to this too, thanks Jeheil).

What else have people come up with?



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