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A handy replacement for what you would normally do with a pen and paper.

Succedded by Cmdr's Log Continued (CLC)


Very first thing I want to make clear...

What Cmdr's Log is not:

  • It is not online, nor will it ever be.
  • It is not crowd-sourced, nor will it ever be.
  • All the above is intentional.

If you are looking for a crowd-sourced trading tool, you can stop reading now because this isn't for you.
It will never grab data automatically from other sources. This is a manual entry log. If you want automatic, this is also not for you.


My belief is that the crowd-sourced tools violate the true spirit of the game. You are not supposed to know commodity prices of systems you haven't visited. If this were the case it would have easily been built into the game in the first place.

That out of the way...

What Cmdr's Log is:


  • A handy replacement for what you would normally do with a pen and paper.
  • It does not track or calculate distances between systems.
  • You log only the data you care about. If you want to keep track of all commodities at a station, great. If you are rushed for time, and only want to log metals, that fine too!
  • Naturally it makes things alittle easier than pen and paper. It will do all the searching for you and finding decent trade destinations.
  • A notes field that basically IS pen and paper, you can type in whatever you want and it will be saved as data for that station.
  • Dynamic user defined data fields for stations.
  • A journal system to log your adventures across the galaxy.
  • PC only, sorry. I know Alt-Tabbing out of Elite can be super annoying; use Data Entry mode to help with this.


Admin notes:



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