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Program that calculates the habitable zones for stars.

You'll get an information list which shows you where the main habitable zone is (inside which you will find terraforming candidates and earthlike worlds); it also shows rough boundaries for where you can find non-terraformable water worlds, ammonia worlds and metal-rich worlds (I need more data to narrow down these zones, but they're broadly accurate.) The values for gas giants represent the closest a gas giant of that class can be, although again I'm not 100% certain they should be fairly close; it's not particularly useful information in any case. At the bottom, the values given show the blackbody, general (albedo 0.35, most planet types) and iceball (albedo 0.6, ice and rocky ice worlds) temperatures for given distances. If you find an ordinary planet without an atmosphere, it should have the "general" temperature, or if you find an iceball the "iceball" temperature. Gas giants are higher because they contribute heat of their own, and planets with an atmosphere will also be hotter, especially if the atmosphere is CO2.

The calculations are only accurate for single-star systems, although you may get decent results on multiple stars if they are a long way apart or if the primary is much brighter than the other stars.

There are some (very rare) handcoded systems (generally of type plain V) where the star's luminosity as evinced by the temperatures of planets does not match the parameters given in the system view. It's a funny old galaxy.


Comment: There are sources available. Its not on a public repository. The link for the sources can be found on the OP of thread - see links.




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