Simple Trade Route App with overlays


Abandonned / No longer updated
Required software
Excel 2003+ 32bit
Compatible with release
Supported languages
English en
GameApplication Windows
Elite:Dangerous Application


Simple Trade Route App with overlays

Most of you probably already use TCE - Trade Computer Extention, which is an exceptional add-on and amazing piece of coding.

About the same time TCE was released I was working on my own personal app that I used for myself which was simply a visual database/list of a trade route. It is simply a table of what system to jump to, which station and which items to buy and sell.

You are able to cycle through (as well as edit the route items) in game, when you dock you simply read what you need to buy/sell on the overlay, do so and then click the next button to pull up the next plot in the route. It auto copies the system name to the clipboard and then you can go into galaxy map, paste it in and go from there.

The colors are customizable to match your own UI colors and you can also manually edit the route in Excel or do it right in game. It is a very simple app, and I wrote it/am writing it just for myself but definitely wanted to post here and see if there was any interest.



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