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"Elite Notes" is a substitute for pen and paper when recording commodity prices.

I have published an Android app called "Elite Notes" which is a substitute for pen and paper when recording commodity prices. It is similar to a certain other popular notes application which I shall not be namedropping here unless the author wishes me to as my humble app honestly isn't deserving of the free publicity. It does however differ in two very important aspects:
1) It lives on your Android device; you won't have to alt+tab or play in windowed mode, which is the main reason I created it in the first place.
2) It has nowhere near the functionality of the existing very cool hinted at desktop app so for many of you it simply won't do as a replacement. In fact it currently has no functionality at all except recording commodity prices - it is merely something I'm using myself and I thought I'd share as I figure there's got to be someone out there interested.
To find it you can either search the Play store for "Elite Notes" and scroll down a bit since for some reason lots of other apps show up before it in the list even though they have completely other names, or if you're reading this on your android device you can go directly to the store page by clicking HERE.
This app will always be free and will never have any ads. I have a list of improvements I plan to make in future versions, but I still
wanted to get this very basic version out there as soon as it reached an at all working state (just because).
In the event someone actually uses the app and has feature requests (within reason lol), or just general thoughts and opinions about it, you may post them here and I'll try and catch them and see what I can do about it



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