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Abandonned / No longer updated
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GameApplication Windows
Elite:Dangerous Application


*All in one* (Trading) Tool

"RegulatedNoise DJ" is not longer supprted,

successor is ED-Intelligent Boardcomputer Extension


Many of you will already know RegulatedNoise
and the others can get to know it here :-)

Originally, this open source tool was created by maxh2003 (link to original thread)
but unfortunately it wasn't further developed after January '15.

As for my needs (see list) it was exactly the right tool, I decided to continue the development of RN (also since January '15)

  • Trading Tool
  • Commanders Log
  • view of systemdata
  • systemdata based on EDDB
  • built-in, quick OCR
  • plausibilitycheck for scanned marketdata
  • optional connection to EDDN (export and/or import)
  • open source




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