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Captain's Log is primarily an Elite: Dangerous Explorer's application, allowing you to keep track of all your jumps into systems, as you explore the galaxy.

I wrote this for myself, inspired by the most excellent EDDiscovery application. I really like EDDiscovery, but I didn't need/want some of its features, and I wanted features not currently available in it. So here is Captain's Log. I've decided to share it with the rest of you.

It comes without guarantee or warranty as to its fitness for purpose, and comes as-is. You have no rights or entitlements to bug fixes, updates or otherwise - BUT, I do genuinely hope you find it useful and enjoyable to use.

Currently, Captain's Log is in what I consider to be a very usable state. It is "feature complete" for this very first iteration of the application. It took me roughly two and a half weeks to write, and I learned an awful lot of useful stuff whilst doing so, and enjoyed the challenge. First release is version 1.0.0 Beta 2. Beta 2 because I had another commander download and install it, and supply me with very useful feedback. Thank you CMDR Psieonic for your extremely helpful and positive input!


Real-time monitoring of Elite: Dangerous' verbose netlogs in order to detect when you have jumped to a new system.

  • Automatically examines and if needs be, edits the game's AppConfig.xml file to activate the required verbose logs.
  • Quickly record which star types and quantities are in a system. <-- You have to input this data yourself.
  • Record the planet types you find in a system, and their designations. <-- You have to input this data yourself.
  • Captain's log calculates an estimated worth of that system to Universal Cartographics based on the stars & bodies recorded.
  • System Notes : take notes specific to a system.
  • Jump Notes : take notes unique to each Jump.
  • Bookmarks : Bookmark a jump. Found an Earth-like world? Bookmark that jump! Found something unique in a system? Bookmark it!


  • Database Manager:
    • create multiple databases
    • quickly populate your new database by scanning all available netlogs and extracting the jump data from them, into the database.
    • extract all your notes from an EDDiscovery database and merge them in with any of the matching systems in your database.


  • Bodies Manager:
    • a database of stars and planetary body types.
    • maintain/tune the estimated worth of a star or planetary body (i.e. how much a certain type of body might be worth to Universal Cartographics).
    • add your own custom planet types with their own estimated high and low range worth to UC.
    • remove planet types.


  • Bookmark Manager:
    • see a list of all bookmarks.
    • highlight a certain bookmark and go to that jump in the Jump Table View.
    • remove a bookmark.


  • Captain's Log 2.x Captain's Log 2.x
  • Captain's Log 1.x Captain's Log 1.x


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CMDR Psieonic for your extremely helpful and positive input!