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EDDS allows you to change graphics settings before running Elite: Dangerous. Especially useful if you switch between Oculus Rift and regular monitor, or if you switch display settings often for any other reason. It also lets you change GUI color, as well as enable a second window on your monitor for OR use.

Note: Development for EDDS has stopped. Dr. Kaii's excellent EDProfiler tool does all that EDDS did and much more.


Download and extract the two files to the game directory (called EDLaunch unless you renamed it during installation). 


Bugs and fixes:

If you get an error message when applying settings, try running EDDS as an administrator.

If your GUI colors won't change, and you get an error when applying settings, try this: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showth...=1#post2423741



I've made a small tool I call Elite: Dangerous Display Switcher, or EDDS. When switching from OR to regular monitor and vice versa, it's a bit of a hassle to get the graphics options set up right, especially when using multiple screens. This tool allows you to save your OR or regular monitor setup, and apply it with a single click prior to launching the game. Of course you don't have to have OR, it can also come in handy if you switch settings often, i.e. between full screen/windowed mode. I don't know if it will be useful to anyone else, but I thought I'd post it here just in case. 

It's pretty self explanatory. You can save your current setup from the file menu. Use the 'Oculus Rift' or 'Monitor' buttons to get your saved setups, and 'Apply' to apply settings. If you tick the 'Apply and close' checkbox it does exactly that when you press either button. 
The menu can be used to save defaults, as well as backup/restore original files. 
For the bindings just write the name of your bindings file (without the .binds extension) in the box. 
Use 'Second Window' to enable and modify a second window on your monitor to mirror the Oculus Rift. 
As of v0.3 you can also change GUI color. Choose from several presets (mostly taken from megazen's post here), or insert custom values. You can also save custom values as presets.

Planned (if I find the time):
Allow you to change more gfx settings

EDDS now uses GraphicsConfigurationOverride.xml for gfx settings changes.
Added option to choose monitor 4-10

Added option to save your own GUI color presets

Fixed bug where xml files were not found if user has multiple FORC-FDEV folders (EDDS now assumes that the game uses the folder with the highest number)
Fixed bug where refresh rate was displayed incorrectly if 100 Hz or above
Changed setting of IPD amount to mm (e.g. input 65 instead of 0.065)

Included checkbox to enable/disable bindings preset (leave it unchecked if you don't change bindings)

Fixed bug where EDDS didn't find AppConfig.xml and GraphicsConfiguration.xml when these were installed in local user instead of EDLaunch
Fixed bug where second window wasn't activated if enabled for the first time

Fixed windowed/fullscreen/borderless

Added option to change GUI color

Added option to set IPD amount (for some reason ED sets this to 0.000000 every time graphic settings are changed)

Added option to enable second window (to mirror OR)
Added bindings option
Added option to backup and restore original xml-files
Added error checking

Please report any bugs or features you would like me to add in the forum thread (link below).



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