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EDAssets is a site filled with Official Elite Dangerous images and fan-traced in-game icons.

To make it easier for artistic content creators, EDAssets was created to have all Elite Dangerous related assets in one place. All from official images to animations and fan-traced vectors. It is not a project soley updated by SpyTec, we encourage everyone who has experience with tracing images to provide vectors and images for us to add on the site.


Originally there was only a Dropbox link, but due to the limits of Dropbox it was very difficult to show what's new and preview any images. EDAssets helps do that and loads in everything a lot quicker than Dropbox did.


It is hosted through GitHub pages, so the only thing being payed for is the domain itself. Any feedback or improvements should ideally be posted on the GitHub repository or through emailing SpyTec, the maintainer.



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