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Elite Galaxy Online: a website for all explorers in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy.

Elite Galaxy Online v2.0 now Live


v2.0 of the site includes a new feature - The Comms Link.

The Comms Link is a small downloadable PC App which detects when you scan an object in game and then automatically sends the data over to Elite Galaxy Online and records the object.  It even lets you know if the object is a record breaker.


Also included in v2.0 is a complete rewrite of the API to make it easier to get data from Elite Galaxy Online and that also allows external applications to submit a scan event from the Player Journal files using the same technology as the Comms Link.


Full details here - http://www.elitegalaxyonline.com/2017/05/12/elite-galaxy-online-v2-0/


Elite Galaxy Online v1.9 now Live


v1.9 of the site includes a new way of recording discoveries using the Ship Log Reader.  With this new tool, you can upload the log files created by Elite Dangerous directly to the site and then it will automatically record any objects you have scanned and let you know if any of them broke any records.


Full details here - http://www.elitegalaxyonline.com/2017/04/11/elite-galaxy-online-v1-9/



Elite Galaxy Online v1.8 now Live


v1.8 is the biggest, most complex and most difficult update I have ever done for Elite Galaxy Online!  The site now has a brand new feature, The Orrery.


The Orrery is a full 3d orbital simulation which can be generated for any star system recorded at the site and allows you to visualise the orbital motions of the planets.  The orbits are all calculated accurately based on the data recorded at the site and the forces of Gravity.


For the full details see the release notes here




Or to jump straight into an Orrery and take a look around, head to this page to see the latest available ones.




The Orrery is pretty complex and so does not yet work on mobile devices, I would recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome for the best experience.


Elite Galaxy Online v1.7 now Live


v1.7 includes a new feature to help improve data quality at the site known as Community Editing.  It allows commanders to submit corrections to other commanders discoveries and then have them approved or rejected by the owner of the discovery.


For the full details please see:  http://www.elitegalaxyonline.com/2015/12/31/elite-galaxy-online-1-7-community-editing/


Elite Galaxy Online v1.6 now Live


v1.6 now includes API support for the multiscanner which allows third party applications to submit images directly to the Elite Galaxy Online scanner and retrieve the results.  This opens up two possibilities:


1. A third party application which allows you to be in game flying your ship and at the touch of a button, the planet you are looking at is uploaded and scanned at Elite Galaxy Online, it will be waiting for you to review the results of the scan when you dock up :)

2. Third party usage of the Elite Galaxy Online Scanner just for use in their own applications.


v1.6 also contains some fixes to the scanner for Horizons as there have been a few changes made by Frontier to the system view.


For full details please see - http://www.elitegalaxyonline.com/2015/12/16/elite-galaxy-online-1-6-in-ship-scanner-now-possible-and-horizons-supported/



Elite Galaxy Online v1.5 now Live


v1.5 includes a bunch of improvements to the scanning device with extra image file type support and improved accuracy.  However, the headline feature for 1.5 is the multi scanner.


It is now possible to upload multiple images in one go which will then be processed by the multi scanner in the background.  The results of the scans will be waiting for you to look at whenever your ready in the new "My Scans" area.


For the full list of new features see here 






Elite Galaxy Online v1.4 now Live


v1.4 includes the most new features I think I have ever done in a release but the main feature is the addition of The Research Facility.


As the data stored at Elite Galaxy Online is growing fast, I wanted to add more ways to interact with that data.  If you fancy understanding how the age of Class M Stars is distributed between stars which have just been born and those close to the age of the universe then this update might be for you.


If you want to plot a chart of all rocky planets with a surface gravity between 0.9 and 1.1g to help you plan out your first planetary landing then the research facilities can help.


There's a new galactic record tracking system in place as well which will let you know if any discoveries you make are exceptional ones.


For the full release notes, see http://www.elitegalaxyonline.com/2015/09/29/elite-galaxy-online-1-4-the-research-facility-beta-now-live/




Commander Wolzan





Elite Galaxy Online v1.3 is now Live


v1.3 now includes an API that allows third party applications to retrieve the data from the site or to submit discoveries directly to the site.


The API documentation can be found in the help section of the site.




Elite Galaxy Online v1.2 is now Live


v1.2 now includes a new advanced discovery scanner, that will scan screenshots of the in game system view and automatically extract all of the required information for your discovery using optical character recognition technology.


You can see the scanner in action here:





About a month ago, I had an idea about creating a website for all explorers in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy. The idea was to create a website where Commanders could directly record details of their discoveries out in the galaxy. The hope was that together we would be able to create the largest living record of the Elite Dangerous galaxy ever created.

The idea kind of grew from there and i'm really happy to say after that a lot of hard work and effort, its finally ready!

Let me introduce Elite Galaxy Online.


Some of the main features of the site are:

  1. The ability to directly record any Stars and Planets you discover out there in the black directly into the site. This includes all of the statistics regarding the object as well as the ability to upload a screenshot and describe your discovery for all to see.
  2. The ability to search all of the records created on the site. As it grows this could be used to search for all objects that have been first discovered by you.
  3. Records. There's a whole bunch of dynamic record screens like "hottest star ever recorded", "largest gas giant ever recorded" etc. These are all live and so are immediately updated as new discoveries come in.
  4. Exploration Points. As you record a new discovery you earn exploration points, the amount depending on how complex the object was to record directly on the site. You can then see commander rankings and we can see the greatest explorers in the galaxy.

I think its really come together well and would be grateful if you could spend some time to have a look.

Any feedback welcome, good or bad!


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