Voice Attack Dictation Mode Addon


Abandonned / No longer updated
Required software
Voice Attack (beta) or better
Compatible with release
Sources available
Free, Source included.
Supported languages
English en
GameApplication Windows
Elite:Dangerous Application


A Voice Attack Profile that will allow you to use Voice Dictation to convert Speech to Text instead of typing.

Although this still works, it is no longer being developed or supported.


A Small Voice Attack Profile to add Voice Dictation for Communication in ED. Although it works well, it is limited to the abilities of Windows Speech Recognition.


You can speak instead of type messages, and have them sent to either Local Chat, in reply to a Direct Message, to your wing, or to your current target.


Ideal for Rift users where switching to the keyboard is difficult.


Note: Requires Voice Attack Version or newer which at this time is the current Beta version.



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