EDConfig - Verbose Logging Enabler and graphics configurator


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After a new patch the AppConfig.xml is overwritten. This tool allows you to set the debug flag (and other settings) in an easy way.

Hi Commanders

I put together some code to create this little tool
You can add or change multiple entries in "AppConfig.xml" by just a click on a Button

Update: Version 0.2 can backup/restore your bindings files!
Update: Version 0.3 can change multiple entries in "GraphicsConfiguration.xml" (e.g. HUD color)

Make sure the location you copy the executable file is writeable, EDConfig will
store your settings in a file called "EDConfig.conf" in the same directory where you started the tool

Like all my creations its 100% clean
CMDR Dragnet


  • EDConfig main screen (V0.2) EDConfig main screen (V0.2)


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