EDABC - Astronomical Body Counter


Abandonned / No longer updated
Revision number
v0.1 Beta
Required software
Java, Tesseract
Compatible with release
Sources available
Supported languages
English en
GameApplication Windows
Elite:Dangerous Application


EDABC is a program used to help count the different types of astronomical objects that you encounter on a long exploration mission.

The idea is that once you have scanned the star / planet / moon that you wish to keep count of, you take a screenshot of it. At some later point, you then run EDABC, it then looks through a specified directory (i.e. the E.D. screenshot directory) looking for image files and it then tries to apply some Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the images to determine what type of astronomical body was scanned. A count is kept of the various astonomical body types. The images can be copied or moved to another folder (or left alone).

Note: requires building from source code.


  • Main screen Main screen
  • Information screen Information screen


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