ED Rare Trade Route Generator


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ED Rare Trade Route Generator calculates an optimal route for rare commodities. The behavior can be tweaked with several parameters.

Admin notes: Its a ruby script - link in the links section. Some commanders had it working directly, others had some (initial) problems or couldn't get it to work. You can find more info in the reddit thread where the tool was announced. Depending on the settings and your computer it can take a while to create the optimal rare trade routes. The example by the author took 4 hours. The urls used in the code point to google spreadsheets. In the spreadsheet you can read that a newer version is available, use that url in the code.



  • Jun 30, 2022 (Dave247) Marked as abandoned
  • Sep 28, 2015 (wolverine2710) Added other url+name: Ruby distributions for OS-X and Linux/Unix
  • Sep 28, 2015 (wolverine2710) Added download url + name: Rubyinstaller for windows. Added full desc.:
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  • Sep 28, 2015 (wolverine2710) Added website url + name: Usage and sample results
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