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GUI for the tool "ED Rare Trade Route Generator"

I saw a post on Reddit showing off a Ruby script that generated routes based on several tweakable parameters... But it was a ruby script and had no GUI, so it was pretty complicated for those who are not computer savvy.

So I spent the last day wrapping that script in a pretty interface. Here are the features:

  • No Ruby Installation Required.
  • Routes can be viewed within the application.
  • Window can be toggled to stay on top of the game while playing.
  • Ruby Script, system list, and Rare item spreadsheets are linked to the originals online.

This is a WIP and there may be bugs. If you have an issue running or using this utility, Please make sure you have .Net 4 installed and try running it elevated (Shouldn't be required though).

If you want to be automatically notified of updates, either subscribe to this thread or subscribe to the git repository: https://bitbucket.org/bilago/elite-dangerous-rare-trade-interface


I created a folder in the Repository called "TestBuildFiles" where you can always grab the latest version of the binary.


All credit to the brains of the Route generation go to :

Ben Alman



The source for his script can be viewed here:



List of systems:

Steve Hodge

Source for his Json Script can be viewed here:


Download Link: http://edroutegenerator-update.no-ip.org/EDRouteGUI%20-%20By%20Bilago.7z


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